Article V Simulation Convention Minutes


Convention minutes are available for download here. The log serves as a historical record of decisions made, discussions held, and actions taken during these vital gatherings.

Article V Simulation Convention Proposals


Here you’ll find the exact text of the six amendment proposals passed at the 2023 Simulated Article V convention. The proposals were crafted around term limits for federal officials, fiscal restraints, and limits to the federal government’s powers.

Article V Simulation Convention Articles


View Articles and information from the 2023 Simulated Article V Convention.

Article V Simulation Convention Summary


Over 100 commissioners from 49 states participated in the Simulated Article V Convention in August 2023 in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Here you’ll find an analysis of the three-day proceedings and the official outcomes.

All of us came here because we knew the country couldn’t go on the way it was going. So it falls to all of us to take action. We have to ask ourselves if we do nothing, where does all of this end? Can anyone here say that if we can’t do it, someone down the road can do it, and if no one does it, what happens to the country? …Ask yourselves if not us, who, if not now, when?”

President Ronald Reagan, 1981

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