he 2023 Simulation offers invaluable insights into the Article V convention process for proposing constitutional amendments, and through its emphasis on the fundamental principles of the Constitution and the vital concept of checks and balances, igniting meaningful discussions that will continue to shape our nation for generations to come.


Three Commissioners per state, a total of 150 representatives, were invited for their crucial participation in this immersive experience. The Simulation is ran according to the convention rules drafted according to historical precedent by the leading Article V scholars in the nation, Professors Robert Natelson and Michael Farris.


Commissioners engage in committee discussions, mirroring the workings of state legislatures, to deliberate on amendment proposals related to these subjects:

  • Fiscal restraints

  • Federal power, scope, and jurisdiction

  • Term limits


These proposed amendments undergo a thorough examination and will later be subject to debate and voting by the Convention.


The impact of this Simulation is far-reaching. Educating millions of citizens and raising awareness among legislators creating a renewed interest in the Constitution and the Article V amendment process.

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